New worker mandate is excessive


When it comes to COVID vaccines, the elephant in the room is whether to take it or not to take it. And with case numbers soaring to new highs, government officals are stepping in with new regulations. 

The vaccine mandates are increasingly taking the choice away from the working American.

According to the Associated Press, as many as 100 million individuals will be affected by Biden’s recent vaccine mandate. 

It is for all federal workers, including contractors that work for the federal government. 

This federal worker vaccine mandate is unnecessary and excessive. Rather than keeping workers safe, it is causing havoc in the workplace. 

Employees should not be forced to take a vaccine that is so newly established. It will take years to see if the vaccine is truly safe. 

Many people do not want to take the vaccine due to the risks involved.

According to the CDC, some cases reported a risk of blood clots with low platelets with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  This is a dangerous form of blood clot that can affect major blood vessels in the body.

This side effect is rare and not as severe as contracting COVID itself. 

Other side effects could arise from the vaccine that, while similar to blood clots, are more dangerous. 

There is also a vaccine mandate in effect for businesses with 100 or more employees. Luckily there is an option to reject the vaccine.  One can be exempt from the mandate with written dissent or a physician’s statement.

Workers who refuse the vaccine are being forced to have weekly tests done. 

The downfall to this requirement is that it demands valuable time and effort on the workers’ parts. 

Some are seeing this requirement as more motivation to bite the bullet and get the vaccine. Others are viewing this alternate option as excessive and annoying.

Those not complying with the mandate will either lose or quit their jobs. This will significantly increase unemployment and negatively affect business and federal operations. 

Weekly tests will also cost businesses more money forcing them to keep vaccinated employees and fire those that are unvaccinated.  

Good, hardworking individuals will lose their jobs over a vaccine that is not even 100% effective.

Because some military personnel refuse to cooperate with the new mandate, they are being discharged. 

The CDC said all COVID vaccines are currently approved or authorized in the United States. 

I do not discredit the role that COVID vaccinations play in keeping our population safe. 

While reducing the likelihood of someone contracting COVID and the severity of the disease, COVID vaccines should not be forced or incentivized. 

To mandate a vaccine is not the most efficient way to ensure people’s safety. 

The people should have the right to decide whether or not they feel the vaccine is a viable option for them.