‘Bridgerton’ should stick to the script

Carley Nail

Dearest reader, after the latest magnificent season of the well-known series “Bridgerton” released, the ton has been stirring with controversy over the previous season’s love match—Simon and Daphne. 

Lady Whistledown might not be able to weigh in on this dispute, but I certainly will.

“Bridgerton” should continue production despite increasing opinions that the show shouldn’t air anymore. The show needs to learn from the audience and listen to their perspective on Simon and Daphne, but the show does not need to be shut down.

Many fans of Netflix’s “Bridgerton” have strong opinions about a scene between Simon and Daphne from the first season. According to Daily Mail, the scene shows Daphne refusing to stop having sex with Simon despite his requests to. 

Daphne’s actions were completely wrong and inexcusable. She should have never done anything Simon was uncomfortable with. 

Netflix should add a trigger warning to the episode where this forceful scene happens. It could be very harmful and triggering for someone who has endured something similar to what the scene portrays.

But “Bridgerton” is based on a book series. The show simply followed what happened in the books. They could have changed the show and made the scene never happen, but that would be changing an important part of the story. The show would no longer be based on the books.

The scene did not have to be as graphic as it was. They could’ve filmed the scene differently to show the audience what was happening but also left some aspects up to the imagination.

The viewers of “Bridgerton” have legitimate concerns. The producers should listen to their suggestions and implement them in the show’s coming seasons.