America deserves an extra hour of sunshine

Alayna Pellegrin

I’m tired of the terrible adjustment

period after daylight saving time.

The U.S. needs to scrap the change

in time and go ahead and make

daylight saving time permanent.

Not only will permanent daylight

saving time get rid of the pesky

adjustment period, but it will also

promote safety, lessen crime and

improve health.

Thankfully, the U.S. is already in

the process of making it permanent.

If the Sunshine Protection Act

receives the House’s approval and

the President’s signature, it will

become law and make daylight

saving time last all year.

With permanent daylight saving

time, there would be more daylight.

Longer daylight hours mean people

would not have to drive in the dark

as often, making it safer for those

traveling home from work or dinner.

According to a study by The

Conversation, moving to year-round

daylight saving time could save 343

lives per year, primarily in reduced

vehicle accidents.

More daylight also lessens crime.

According to Brookings, in 2007,

about $59 million were saved

because people committed fewer

robberies due to the sun being up


The American Academy of Sleep

Medicine says that a permanent

time year-round would benefit


Switching the clocks twice a year

often leads to sleep disruptions,

which can negatively impair health.

Some argue that daylight saving

time creates sleep disruptions, but

most sleep disruptions come from

the shift itself.

Permanent daylight saving time

will actually solve this.

And according to the American

Heart Association, studies have

shown that daylight saving time

change is associated with a 6.7%

increased risk of heart attack and an

8% increase of stroke.

So if the Sunshine Protection Act

becomes law and daylight saving

time is made permanent, we can

enjoy the extra daylight and reap the

many benefits that will come with it.