Dining facilities feature new decor


Gwendolyn Ducre

Going to the Student Union Building has been a part of her daily school routine since her freshman year. Only this time, her daily routine would hit a sudden change. A change that helped her grab-and-go lifestyle for the best.

Faith Bonner, a senior criminal justice major, said the new changes in the SUB are more efficient for her. Bonner usually grabs a quick snack and now she said she can purchase her food faster.

“It was really crowded. You had to walk around a lot of people at lunch time. If you wanted just chips and a drink, it would be very crowded,” said Bonner. “It’s organized now.”

The SUB now has an open space that extends past Chik-Fil-A to Loco Rico. Loco Rico is now next to Grill Works. In its place is “Provisions on Demand.”

POD is a small convenient area that provides chips, drinks and any other grab-and-go snacks. It has it’s own check out area to decrease  traffic flow.

Jessica Pratt, Aramark’s District Marketing Manager, said two years ago Food Services reached out to students and faculty to hear feedback on what changes they would like to see made.

“A lot of it [changes] was a big result of everything we had gathered from our students and getting feedback from them and then trying to figure out what we could do to make sure we were giving them the best offerings that we could,” Pratt said.

The SUB wasn’t the only food service that went through renovations. Schulze Cafeteria has a few new changes students experience.

“We’ve had students ask, ‘Are we dressed up enough to come in here,’” Pratt said.

Schulze now has an opened pavilion in the center of the building. The ceiling has windows that allows sunlight to shine through the grilling area.

Students will also have a chance to eat outside on the new patio that overlooks the bayou.

Nick Carlson, a junior biology major, said he was impressed with the new changes.

“It looks clean, modern and crisp in here. It just seems more opened. It doesn’t seem as clustered,” Carlson said.

Tommy Walpole, Executive Director of Auxiliary Enterprises, said it was time that Shulze improved its architecture.

“Shulze is an older building and we’ve done little things to it like the salad bar two years ago. It was an incredible addition to Shulze. It’s probably the first remake of that building ever,” Walpole said.

Schulze renovations cost two-million dollars and the SUB was about half a million.

Robert Hoag said the Starbucks and the Hawks Nest will undergo renovations starting next summer.