Students find glitch in TOPS

Kandice Johnson

A TOPS stipend, ranging from $350-$400, is available for students who may have had problems with their TOPS.

According to some students, they had to request the stipend to be posted to their Banner account because the stipend was not automatically added to their account.

When Brenda Olguin, a freshman pre-nursing major, accompanied her friend, Silas Brou, to the admissions office to see about his stipend, she soon discovered she had one waiting for her as well.

“When the student worker came back and told my friend that his money was being posted, I realized that it [the stipend] was not a part of TOPS,” said Olguin.

“I asked her to post mine, as well. She took my name and my CWID and went to the back. In a couple of minutes, she came back and told me it was posted to my Banner.”

Katelin Hubbard, the coordinator of admissions and scholarships, said the stipend would be on the finance report of a student’s Banner account, and it should let a student know whether or not it’s been posted.