Stay strong Savannah: Student’s arms and legs amputated

ULM Hawkeye

Savannah Payne, a senior speech language pathology major and residential life hall director, is in critical condition after a severe infection forced doctors to amputate both arms and legs.

According to an article on KNOE, Payne was rushed to the hospital at the end of August due to seizures.

Payne’s mother, Stephanie Payne, said she coded and was brought back over the course of her battle.

Payne’s father, Tim Payne, said doctors didn’t think her condition was due to an infection because her white blood count wasn’t high.

Doctors eventually discovered she had a staph infection plus strep, but severe side effects from some medications and treatments to lower her body temperature forced doctors and her parents to make the tough decision of cutting off parts of her arms and legs to save her life.

Payne’s parents said, “they are keeping her sedated because this is so traumatic and painful.”

Students at ULM and ULL are joining together in prayer for the recovery of Payne.

Carleigh Roberts, a first year pharmacy student, referred to Payne as “the smiling face from the ResLife office.”

Kaitlyn Solice, a junior psychology major, created a Bonfire funds page to sell t-shirts that read “Savannah Strong” and will use the proceeds to “provide for her family and the hospital bills that are accruing.”  Currently, the fundraiser has raised over $3,500.