Armed robbery in front of library turns out to be false

Kandice Johnson

A story about an armed robbery that happened in front of the library Monday night turns out to be a student rumor.

Assistant Police Chief Mark Johnson said there was no armed robbery that occurred on campus.

The rumor stemmed from an armed robbery the Monroe Police Department reported five blocks away from the library.

When police arrived at the scene, they found the incident was not an armed robbery, but a drug deal gone wrong.

ULMPD went to the scene to help, but found it was a lie.

Johnson said students who claimed they were questioned and detained at the library doors by the police were in fact  questioned by a librarian.

The police weren’t anywhere near the library.

Johnson urges students that if they want to find out about an incident, the best thing to do is call the ULMPD.

Johnson said students can call in 24 hours a day to be informed.

“Call the dispatch, and let us put the truth out,” Johnson said.