Campus clown sighting confirmed by police

ULM Hawkeye

The circus isn’t in town, but the clowns are. The ULM Police Department confirmed a report about a clown sighting on campus near Masur Hall.

Police Chief Torregrossa said they  recieved a report of an unidentified person wearing a clown mask Tuesday night.

Torregrossa said they checked out the scene and spoke to a couple of students about the incident.

Torregrossa believes it was a student playing a practical joke on another student, but wants to address that right now is the wrong time to be putting on a clown mask.

“We’re taking this serious,” Torregrossa said. “It’s a serious time for the clown because of what it’s portrayed as.”

Torregrossa advises students not to dress up as clowns for their own safety.

“People are looking for the clown,” Torregrossa said.

Torregrossa said they will investigate every incident and every report of a clown.

KNOE also reported a Monroe man capturing a clown sighting near Magnolia Park Tuesday around 10 p.m. Although some were skeptical if the video was real, KNOE confirmed the incident.

According to Louisiana law, these clowns are breaking the law whether they harm anyone or not.  Intentionally hiding ones face to conceal their identity on any day but a holiday could result in people facing no less than six months in jail.