SGA prepares amendment voters

ULM Hawkeye

Along with the presidential election, the residents of Louisiana are preparing to vote

for six proposed amendments for their state. These amendments are related to issues

like income tax, education and revenue stabilization.

One amendment has the potential to change how tuition is set and, if passed, would

make changes to tuition easier. The Student Government Association (SGA) set up camp in front of Schultz and took time Thursday afternoon to inform students about the upcoming elections and the amendments.

The organization also offered an absentee ballot for students.

SGA member Ellen Ingram said that the

‘Let’s go Warhawks’ board aims to inform students about Louisiana’s election.

“It’s very important because it directly affects the students,” said Ingram, a freshman

general studies major.

Ingram specifically said the second amendment is the most important one for the

education system in Louisiana. If passed, the second amendment will

return tuition authority from the state’s Legislature to the state’s higher education

systems’ governing boards.

“I fear that many don’t know about the other amendments,” Ingram said.