Hawkeye POV: Students should make informed decision on referendum

ULM Hawkeye

April has arrived and the spring SGA elections are here.

One important vote that will play a huge part in the future of the university is the upcoming Student Activity Enhancement Fee referendum.

The passing of the referendum will raise fees $60 beginning next semester and is expected to double the amount of money available for student groups.

The Hawkeye has concerns about voting for something our SGA senators don’t even fully understand.

The SGA has made efforts to explain the referendum to students, but with many details still floating in the air how can students vote for what’s best?

We’re days away from the election and the committee hasn’t been named.

As students, we won’t know where the money is going. This takes away the transparency of knowing how your tuition money is being used.

Given the fact this fiscal year’s audit revealed university administration lost over  $58,000, how can we trust how our money is being used on blind faith?

Any additional fees would and should be questioned, as it is imperative that we know where exactly our money is going.

It’s also important that we know both the negative and positive impacts the fees may have on the university and its student body.

With that being said, The Hawkeye encourages everyone to take the time out to really research and understand what exactly the referendum is offering.

The fate of the referendum lies in our hands.

Students will be able to vote this Wednesday and Thursday. The Hawkeye encourages students to really think about this referendum and to make the best decision based on what our university needs most.