President keeps it real with Americans

Traneshia Stormer

Funny or not? Professional or not? Appropriate or not? Many people have shared their opinions of President Barack Obama’s remark during his State of the Union address.

Towards the end of the speech, President Obama said, “I have no more campaigns to run.”
He paused while the Republicans in the room laughed and applauded. Then he said, “I know ‘cause I won both of ‘em.”

He responded to them not in silence, but with a funny statement reminding them that the only reason he had no more campaigns to run is because he had already won two presidential elections and could not run any more.

He was not at all saying that he didn’t think he could win again or that if he could run again, he wouldn’t.

The point he was making with this statement is that his agenda – the things he’s doing and the choices he is making- is not geared toward him being the President for another four years.

He wants what is best for America and to make this country better in what little time he has left to make a difference.

In this off-script moment, President Obama showed his competitive side and also put the Republicans in their place.

And despite their responses during his speech, he did not deviate from the message he wanted to end with.

His message was a plea.

A plea for the Democratic and Republican parties to work together and find ways in which they would be able to compromise wherever possible. A plea for debates to be less demonizing and demoralizing.

A plea for better politics.

His unscripted statement should be appreciated and applauded because it brought laughter and interest to an event that many people view as boring and confusing.

He pushed his final point in a way that people would remember and understand.

So many Americans sit down to watch presidential speeches and either become tired half way through or become so confused with the language and terminology.

That day and throughout his entire presidency, Obama has made a point of speaking to the American people as if he was talking to them all one on one.

He never clouds his goals and intentions with fluff and boredom; he tells it like it is.

His ability to crack a joke and use his quick wit to his advantage has made him one of the most successful presidents when it comes to understanding the American people.

He not only gave the people watching a reason to smile, but also a reason to keep listening.
President Obama has always made it a point to not stick with the status quo or be the same as everyone else.

He always says what he feels need to be said when it needs to be said.

And that should be respected not demeaned.

He was not wrong, unprofessional, or inappropriate with that statement. He was honest and straightforward with his response.

The American people deserve the truth and he isn’t afraid to speak the truth.

Future politicians should take note in the way President Obama speaks to the people.

Just because you are in authority does not mean you have be serious and emotionless all the time.

It is okay to crack a smile or even laugh from time to time.
They would be more respected by the American people because this would make them more relatable.