Wellness encouraged before Mardi Gras


The annual student health fair hosted by the Kitty Degree School of Nursing and the ULM College of Health Sciences was held on Feb. 28, in the Hangar.

This year’s theme for the health fair was “Throw Me Some Health, Mister!” in honor of the Mardi Gras break. Students from all over the campus were able to be involved in a fun health fair full of music, door prizes and health promotions.

The health fair was very informative for students. Departments from all over campus were involved such as students from the dental hygiene program and kinesiology students.

Sunni Wilson, door prize committee member and nursing student, said that the health fair contained “a variety of everything to learn about your health such as physical fitness, body wellness, mom and baby, home health” and much more.

All the students seemed to have fun hosting and attending the health fair.

Chelsey Miles, intervention committee and nursing student, said, “We have everything from fitness to nutrition.”

Although the health fair was fun, it was also full of useful, educational information for all students.

According to Hailey George, level five nursing student, “You think that a lot of people know about health, but their definition of health is just like ‘don’t eat bad foods’ or something like that. So, we have a lot of boards set up from dental, to vision, to how to exercise, to HIV testing, to just blood pressure, and we give a lot of educational tools and handouts to the students. They really enjoy it, and they always say every year that they’ve learned a lot.”

Sherilyn Wiggins, MSN RN, also said that “This is an event that we look forward to each year.”

Since health fair is an inter-professional activity, the Kitty Degree School of Nursing and the ULM College of Health Sciences work together to make it possible.

“The school of nursing does the planning and the putting on of the theme and the health promotion topics. Others join in and share their expertise with us. We also have groups from outside in the community such as the health department, organ donation and others from within the community that are associated with health and wellness.”