Double the x equals double the standard

Double the x equals double the standard

Kandace Moss, [email protected]

It’s 2018.

Any human being living in this current zeitgeist would think that we have moved passed societal gender roles and outdated stereotypes, right? Wrong.

Last Wednesday, French Tennis star Alize Cornet was playing her heart out during a match at the U.S. Open. During her 10-minute heat break, Cornet changed t-shirts and after, noticed a wardrobe malfunction. Not even thinking twice about it, Cornet quickly flipped her shirt, briefly showing a red-and-black sports bra. Although Cornet tried to change her clothes as discreetly and quickly as possible, she didn’t escape the umpire, Christian Rasks, judging gaze. She was immediately issued a warning, a warning that wouldn’t have been issued to her had she been a male.

This incident was just the latest blunder by the  tennis association regarding female players. And, this incident further perpetuates the idea that “double standards” between men and women are alive and well in 2018. Despite all of the advances toward gender equality, the world still expects different things from men and women.

For one, women are still criticized for having “too many” sexual partners. And on the flipside, if they have no sexual partners, they are considered “prudes.” Whereas men are considered number one players if they are able to score 10 girls in a week and if they don’t have sexual partners, they are considered husbands.  Can you all spot the serious discrepancies between these two scenarios?

In a more disturbing study done by researchers at Cornell University, it was found that women who are “promiscuous” in their early 20s are viewed more negatively and are considered unsuitable for any type of relationship by men and women. Virginity is a hard subject to speak on, especially if you’re a female.  Because on either side of the idea, women will still get viewed negatively. If you’re sleeping around, you’re fast. If you’re not, you’re a nun. And, men are still glorified either way.

Secondly, Women are still viewed as docile creatures and if they’re loud and assertive, they are considered mouthy. This makes it so hard for women to move up  the corporate ladder, because if they show any ounce of assertiveness towards their male counterparts, they immediately get shot down with phrases like, “she’s bossy” or “wow, the power has corrupted her,” leaving her in a puddle of embarrassment. If she were male, would she get that type of backlash? No, the male would happily move up to a CEO position.

Lastly, saying no is completely forbidden in a woman’s vocabulary. However, a man can say no and will not be given the third degree over it.  Actually, he’ll get left alone over his decision. Women are expected to say yes to everything in this society and are not supposed to disagree if they feel like they don’t agree with an issue. In this world, it’s just easier to say yes because, unfortunately, it might save a woman’s life.

Wow, I know, this article feels like I am attacking men over their unfair advantages in regards to women. And to be honest, I am attacking them. But, not because I am a part of the “she-woman man-haters club.” I love my male counterparts,but, I’m tired.

In order to change how society views women, it’s going to take more than just women speaking out on the issues I just discussed. Men have to recognize the double standards too and fight against them. When I get married and have my own children, I want my daughter to be able to live in a society where she has equal rights just like her father and I want my son to understand the issues women face on a daily basis. Ultimately,  I want her to live in a world where she won’t get publicly reprimanded for her bra strap showing.