University Suites fire alarm causes evacuation


Around 7:40 p.m., the fire alarms went off in University Suites, a ULM dormitory, causing occupants to evacuate.

The first alarm went off on the third floor, according to Lieutenant James Bellard of the Monroe Fire Department.

“Basically, we [fire department] just went up to look around and see if this was a drill or if there was an actual fire. But, everything is all clear,” Bellard said.

Students like Tiona Harris, a pre-pharmacy major and resident of University Suites, were confused when the alarms first went off.

“My friend and I were talking and assumed it was a just a false alarm. When we looked in the hallway, we saw other students evacuating and decided to leave too,” Harris said.

After the Monroe Fire Department, the University Police Department and ULM Residential Life staff secured the safety of the building, students were allowed back inside. The cause of the alarm is still unknown.