Students find employment opportunities at job fair

Hanna Flynn

College is the time in your life to discover your interests, expand your knowledge and gain experience before entering the career world. This is why working a part-time job or internship during your undergraduate years can be a beneficial opportunity for so many. 

Last Wednesday, students of all majors at ULM were able to attend an on-campus and part-time job fair. Here, they were given the chance to meet with potential employers for jobs around campus or even part-time jobs and internships for local companies. 

Events like this can be important for many students struggling to find a job in an ever-shifting job market. 

Shonnie Hall-Trotter, the office manager for Career and Student Development, dedicated her efforts to making this job fair a great experience for the students. 

“Our on-campus and part-time job fair is beneficial for our students because it gives so many of them the opportunity to have a job that can be flexible, allowing them just enough hours to work and stay focused on their classes,” Hall-Trotter said. “It also prepares them for the real world by offering them experience of working in a professional setting.”

The event had a successful turnout, with many first-time freshmen, international students and others looking for a job. 

Walking from booth to booth, they were given the opportunity to speak to employers for different departments and companies. 

“I think that the job fair was a huge success,” Amber Landrum who is a current student worker in the office of Career and Student Development said. “It gave students the opportunity to see jobs not only on campus, but also jobs around town.”

By meeting with potential employers, students had the ability to make an impression that goes beyond a paper resume. This interaction also allowed students to get a perspective of the company or department that they are interested in working for.

The job fair gave many students an easy way to find a job that works well with their class schedules. Several students filled out a job application and gained vital information about the job market around town. 

So, before you start searching online for job sites and local listings, try coming by one of the many job fairs ULM has to offer.