Students’ guide to pandemic pressure


Despite the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, many colleges including ULM are welcoming students back to campus for the fall 2020 semester. The summer heat we thought would bake us all has started to let up as students prepare to adjust back into routine. But the routine won’t be quite the same.

Like all semesters before, incoming students are filled with excitement and nervousness. Only, this semester is not like any we’ve ever experienced. After months of social distancing and isolation, students have more worries than usual about college life.

For instance, the lack of fixed hours for the staff and faculty at ULM can be troubling. Students won’t have as many opportunities this semester to speak with their professors, or at least not face-to-face. It’s an overwhelming thought. But it’s important to remember that the changes are being made to maintain a healthy student body and keep the school safe.

Kim Storm, one of ULM’s counselors, advised students to look over the university’s COVID-19 guidelines before coming to their first class.

“I believe the first thing students should do if they are feeling overwhelmed due to campus changes during the pandemic is to educate and familiarize themselves with ULM policies and COVID-19 guidelines and protocols,” Storm said.

Self-care is important for college students with or without the pandemic looming overhead. But according to Storm, getting enough sleep, taking time to relax, praying or meditating, exercising and maintaining a healthy diet as well as a positive mindset are essential to combatting the fear around coronavirus.

Storm emphasized the need to stick to ULM’s new guidelines to keep campus safe and to relieve student worry.

“Adhering to university and COVID-19 policies, guidelines and protocols is the best way for students to help ease the minds of faculty, staff and fellow students.

Remember to be patient with yourself and others while remaining adaptable and flexible. Students, faculty and staff are all attempting to adjust to the uncertainty of the semester.