3 affordable DIYs for autumn lovers


Ashlyn Dupree, [email protected]

The smells of pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon candles fill your room as fall begins. Yet, your home looks empty without autumn decorations. You could always buy decorations to fill your space, but it’ll probably cost more than what you want to spend, especially as a college student. Or maybe you don’t want the ready-made decorations offered at the store. Here are three inexpensive do it yourself fall decorations to spice up your living space:

1. Mason jar lid lighted pumpkins

This decoration may sound difficult to make, but it’s simple with the help from Crafty Morning. First, you’ll need to buy at least 20 mason jars. You can find these jars at Walmart for an affordable price. You will also need orange gloss spray paint which can be found at Home Depot for $4. In addition to what you already have, you will need to get orange ribbons, scissors and lights. Burlap and cinnamon sticks are optional. Paint the mason jar lids using the gloss spray paint. Then, stick the orange ribbon through all the mason jar lids and tie tight inside. Spread out the painted lids so it looks like a pumpkin. Stick the lights through the lids, or you can just have the pumpkin without the lights. If you like, you can add two cinnamon sticks at the top and cut the burlap to look like leaves but this is optional.

2. Mason jar leaf lanterns

Since you already have the mason jars from the previous project, one little project offers a way to use them. All you’ll need is matte mod podge, a sponge brush and fabric autumn leaves to go along with the jars. All of these can be found at either Walmart or a cheap dollar store. First, wash your jar with dish soap and then put rubbing alcohol on it. If you skip this step, your leaves might not stick. Use the sponge brush and paint the mod podge on the sides of the jar. Wait a few moments for the mod podge to dry before adding the leaves. Make sure to continuously add more mode podge when you are adding another leaf. Once you have added as many leaves as you want, paint on another layer of mod podge. Let the jar sit overnight. You have your leaf jar! If you want to add something more, buy some battery operated tea lights from Dollar Tree..

3. Pumpkin sign from Dollar Tree

This last idea allows you to be as creative as you want. All you will need is a pumpkin sign from Dollar Tree and some paint. You can paint and decorate your pumpkin as you wish: You could add cotton or leaves to your pumpkin, paint spooky ghosts on your pumpkin. Buy some string and add to the top of the sign to hang it on your front door. Maybe you could invite some of your friends over and have each paint a pumpkin sign together. These ideas are inexpensive and materials are easy to find. So let your creative juices flow and create something to bring autumn into your house.