TikTok trends for Warhawks to hop on



A timer is set to 10 seconds and before the time runs out you have to hide somewhere out of the frame. Then it clicks the picture. If you’re still within the frame of the picture, you’ve failed. If you want to make it more challenging, try setting the timer to three seconds. Another #trackstar challenge could be to race away from the camera and see who runs the furthest in three seconds.

This trend was pioneered when TikToker @cityboyz used Mooski’s song “Track Star” to create a dance challenge in January. Months later, people have transformed same song into a runaway challenge. Right now, #trackstar has a total of 1.1 billion views.


Vintage looks are making a big comeback in today’s world, so it’s no surprise this trend took off. This trend went viral after a user named @bertualonso posted a video featuring her mom without any filter, then switched the camera to herself with the retro filter. The footage looked as if she was her mom in her younger days. This fond video inspired other users to try the filter.

Even if your parents don’t want to get involved, you can use the filter for other videos too. As of now, #vhstape has a total of 20.8 million views.


The trend starts off with one person saying, “I’m passing the phone to,” and then they describe their friend. The phone gets passed to the friend being described, who continues the trend by passing to another friend.

The challenge is that you either tease or compliment your friends. Be careful if you are doing this trend with your best friend since the video could go south really quickly, especially if you start revealing goofy or even dark secrets. But hey, that’s the fun part of friendship, right? Most recently, #passingthephone has a total of 360.5 million views.


This is one of the most trendy hashtags I have ever seen on TikTok. This trend started way back in 2019, but is still relevant and fun in 2021. The challenge is to tell viewers something about yourself without mentioning the actual thing in any possible way.