Students cash in chips for raffle at CAB’s Casino Night

Hanna Flynn

Jackpot! The sound of students shouting this word echoed inside Bayou Pointe as they won chips.

Students dressed in cowboy hats, boots and bandanas crowded around to make their bets at Campus Activities Board’s annual Casino Night on Thursday. 

It wasn’t hard to guess what the theme was for this year. Cow print balloons decorated the room, and CAB members wore tiny cowboy hats. 

“I liked how our theme this year really tied into the old western saloon casino idea,” CAB Vice President Sidney Jones said. “I loved raffling off prizes to students and seeing them take home something cool.” 

All attendees started with an equivalent of $5,000 in poker chips. They played blackjack, roulette and other betting games to win more chips or, in some cases, lose them. Volunteers taught students how to play at their tables, and most caught onto the rules quickly. 

The clicking of the roulette wheel filled the ballroom late into the night, along with excited cheers, laughter and music from the DJ booth. 

At the end of the night, students made their trade-ins for raffle tickets and placed them in buckets for their favorite prizes. 

Up for raffle were many prizes, such as an air fryer, a TV and even a PlayStation 5 Only a handful of students took home prizes, but everyone at the event seemed to have a good time.

“I enjoyed hanging out with friends and playing card games. I had more fun just playing than I had winning the chips,” junior finance major Logan Rhoads said. “The Casino Night social was my favorite event CAB has put on all year.” 

Casino Night had lots more to do throughout the event than just gambling. Line dancing music kept everyone on their feet and even sparked a few dance-offs in the crowd. 

Students had the chance to take pictures at a photo booth or a western-styled backdrop. 

There was even a mechanical bull for those with a wild side to try. The record for the longest ride was set early on at 44 seconds, but many spent the night trying to beat it. 

Catahoula’s catered a taco salad bar, complimented with egg rolls and chicken strips.

“I loved the mechanical bull and the food,” senior business administration major Charlotte Foudraine said. “The egg rolls were my favorite. They were delicious.”

Students headed home with souvenir chips, balloons and some with new prizes for their dorms. CAB once again created a night to remember and gave everyone a chance to party before midterms.