Research saves money in long run

Alan Rawles

The purchase of a new car is a big decision. One choice consumers have is whether to buy a new or used car.

There are so many options in the automotive market. Narrowing down the options when purchasing a car can take time. Making the choice between a new or used car can be one of the most significant choices.

New car has a host of benefits. A new car has not had any previous owners. Cars without a previous owner have a greatly reduced chance of existing problems.

Colby Ponder, a sophomore pre-nursing major, prefers a new car because, “it has had only one owner and you know exactly what problems could come up.”

Some new cars have had issues from the factory, but the risk for an issue is minimal. When purchasing a new car, consumers can choose the exact options that are desired.

Dealerships might not have the car on the lot, but a good salesperson will search neighboring dealerships or order the car from the factory with the consumer’s specific options list.

A new car’s warranty is almost always superior to a used vehicle’s warranty.

Warranties are a great way to insure that maintenance costs on a new car are kept low. These warranties are limited by time and mileage. The benefits of shopping for a used car isnot all negative.

Used cars have their share of advantages over new cars.Used cars have a lower initial purchasing cost. Cars depreciate in value over time. According to, a new car depreciates 11% the moment it is driven off the dealership’s lot.

Used cars have already experienced the initial depreciation. A used car will be sold at a lower cost because of this depreciation. The choices available when buying a used car are greater.

David Gluckman, an automotive writer for, explains how consumers can get what they want from used car shopping.

“Although you obviously can’t build a used car to order, maybe you want a model, option package or even wheel design that’s no longer made,” Gluckman writes.

Having the option to choose from discontinued car options can give consumers more options.

There are many different decisions to be made. The ultimate decision when purchasing a car comes down to the buyer.

The choice between buying a new or used car has been a tough one for me to make. If I were to purchase a car today, I would choose a new car.

One of the first steps I would take in buying a new car would be to find a fair trade value on my current car. Trading in my current car would help cover a large portion for the new car’s cost.

The trade value of my current car can also encourage the addition of extra personal options on the new car purchase.

I don’t have a problem with used cars. I would probably purchase a used car, especially if the new model of the car is out of my price range. If I were to purchase a used car, I would purchase one from a certified pre-owned dealer.

Purchasing from a certified pre-owned dealer gives buyers a greater chance of a better quality used car.

The current car that I drive was purchased as a new car. The advantages of a new car warranty and the security of no previous owner helped make the decision for a new car.

I always encourage anyone who is shopping for a car to purchase what they feel comfortable with. Don’t be pressured into a car purchase. If the owner is happy, that is what matters.