Student government plans to add services, facilities

ULM Hawkeye

The Student Government Association has planned to bring different services and infrastructure on campus.
Emily Essex informed the Senate that athletics is starting a recycling program on campus to work with the city of West Monroe in one of the meetings in October.
The athletics will use the football game on Nov. 9, as the rollout initiated for the program. They will put out recycling bins at the Grove and Malone Stadium to see how people respond, then Athletics will spread to program to around campus, said Essex, the director of Student Life and Leadership.
Another proposed project that SGA is working with the administration is the ‘Hub’. The ‘Hub’ is a prospective building that is going to be constructed at the green space beside Sandel Hall, where Garrett Hall used to stand. The ‘Hub’ will be a food court location that is expected to replace the current Student Union Building’s food court.
It has not been decided what purpose the first floor of SUB is going to serve. The second floor is supposed to remain intact.
However, the plan for the ‘Hub’ is still under discussion and is not official.
In terms of the approved project, some progress has been made on the amphitheater project that is to be built at the Bayou Park. In one of the meeting in October, Essex said the bidding for the plans has completed and has proceeded to the drawing process. The construction is expected to begin in Spring 2020.
The current SGA budget is $110,548.